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Your Brain, Your Life - Make It What You Want!

Dr. Robyn Leeder and Dr. Kathleen Lawson

$30.00 AUD (plus postage)

9th Annual Symposium (video): Applications of Clinical Neuroscience - Advanced Clinical Care for Monday Morning

with Jeroen Lynders (Chiropractor), Matt Holmes (Physiotherapist), Jeremy Schmoe (Chiropractor USA) and George Kukurin (Chiropractor USA)

$189.00 AUD (free postage)


8th Annual Symposium (video): Bridging the Gaps with Brain-Based Therapies

with David Traster (Chiropractor), Ebonie Rio (Physiotherapist), Matthew Bagg (Physiotherapist), Brett Jarosz (Chiropractor) and more.

$449.00 AUD (free postage)

Waking Up the Brain (video)

 presented by Dr Paul Noone (Chiropractor, PhD)

$449.00 AUD (free postage)

7th Annual Symposium (video): Balance and Dizziness in Everyday Clinical Practice

With Marc Pick, Heidi Haavik, Julia Treleaven, Americo Migliaccio, Jessica Vitkovic and more.

$449.00 AUD (free postage)


Practitioners listed on AAFNs website, and lecturers that present at AAFN events, are not medically trained or medically registered within Australia (unless clearly indicated).

All content presented (clinical, research or theoretical) relating to functional neurology/neuroscience, though sourced from current scientific literature as much as possible, is not meant to convey a medically trained opinion, or specifically a medical neurologist expert opinion on topics presented.

Patients who attend for functional neurology services should seek a second opinion from a registered specialist neurologist or medical practitioner, if they wish to do so, prior to commencing treatment.




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